About Us


Founded as a family enterprise by Mr Mohanlal Motilal Agrawal under the name of Vyankatesh Trading Company, Sanguine Industries had begun trading in fabric and yarns since 1949.

Eventually the group evolved and diversified into various businesses under different brand names for each group companies viz:

Since its establishment in the year 2004, as an export house Sanguine Industries emerged as a leading exporter and supplier of Textiles, Agro Products, Dyes & Chemicals, Auto Parts and Gems & Jewelry.

Vision & Goal

Sanguine has made a significant growth and has constantly redefined and mastered its core competencies through innovation and hard work in establishing satisfaction for all concerned. It is successfully working as a catalyst between manufacturers and end users in the global market.

Our long term goal is to become a one stop shop for all our overseas buyers. Our cultures and values are manifested and focused on customer satisfaction because we strongly believe that the customer is not only a buyer but also an equal partner in our business.

Key Executives

Saurabh Agrawal

Saurabh Agrawal

Saurabh Agrawal has been spearheading new business initiatives at the group since 2001. Though hailing from a high tech educational background and having a master's degree in telecom from United States, international business is his strongest suit.

His passion for professionalism & good governance acts as a dynamo by helping the company adapt to the ever changing business arena. By restructuring the company to function under an umbrella business model, he is the driving force in the group's expansion and diversification, helping each vertical become its own profit center.

Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal, heads the group's Gems & jewelry business. Coming from an engineering background he started his career in import and manufacturing of diamond testing machines.

While setting up the dealer network for the diamond testing machines he developed the loose Diamond & Moissanite jewelry business. In the course of his journey, Parag realized that marketing and advertising supported with good designing in the jewelry world can do wonders. It is under his leadership that Sanguine Industries got rewarded as the youngest and fastest growing distributor for highest sales of Moissanite gemstines in the entire Asia pacific region. This eventually grew to new heights and gave birth to the Gems & Jewelry division of Sanguine Industries which is sold under the brand name Fiona. Today he is engaged in the marketing and promotions of the company and all its brands.